Why no Signgate in West Marin or Shasta County?

In another demonstration of Caltrans’ inconsistency when it comes to protected speech along the state’s roads, one of our North Bay Area correspondents offers the example of the “Save Drakes Bay Oyster Co.” yard signs along roads in West Marin.

These relate to a controversy over National Park Service plans to terminate the lease for a Drakes Bay oyster cultivation operation that has been there for the better part of a century. We won’t go into the details of that controversy here, but we will note that Caltrans hasn’t found it necessary to remove yard signs expressing an opinion on the subject, even along one of the most scenic highways in the state.

Likewise, the State of Jefferson folks are ironically attaching “State of Jefferson” signs to State signs along I-5 near Mount Shasta, inches from the road. Those signs have remained in place for several weeks without being removed.

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