Estimating costs

One problem with BDCP cost estimates:  Delta land values are based on 2009 data and are based on acquiring land from willing sellers.  (Called out one audience member, “Define willing!”)  Dr. Meral said that ag land to be acquired would be “marginal.”  Rogene Reynolds corrected him, pointing out that over 16,000 acres in the south Delta designated for terrestrial habitat restoration was productive ag land, not swampland.  She also told him that BDCP’s land values of $7,000 per acre in the south Delta were incorrect; land near her on Roberts Island recently sold for $12,000 per acre.  Dr. Meral, who has an answer to almost every objection to BDCP, had no answer to that.

Dr. Meral assured everyone several times that the State will offset local revenue losses from property taxes and assessments.

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