Nunes doesn’t like the tunnels

Congressman Devin Nunes, who represents so many of the people who put up those signs down the valley, doesn’t like the Peripheral Tunnels as a solution.

“Just because you build the tunnels doesn’t mean we can move the water,” he explained. “Why are you going to spend $30 billion on something that is going to sit like the (Tracy) pumps are sitting there now? The same thing could happen to the tunnels.”

Nunes noted that we have the capacity right now to move the water, but the pumps are turned off.  Of course, his answer is to streamline environmental policy.  OUR answer is to bring export demand into line with sustainable supplies of water that don’t sacrifice fisheries and Delta agriculture – and that are realistic with reduced water supplies as a result of climate change,

Still, it is interesting that some Valley ag interests recognize that the tunnel project is a bad solution to California’s water management problems.

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