More information about Caltrans & Signs

More Information to Take Action!

Caltrans crews are driving through the Delta confiscating “Save the Delta! Stop the Tunnels!” signs displayed by Delta land and business owners, even though these signs are posted on private property.

Jeff Bennett, Supervisor at the Cal Trans Rio Vista office, said that display of such signs is in violation of Streets and Highways Code 54053.  Our legal experts have found that he is actually using Business and Professions Code Business and Professions Code (not Streets and Highways Code) 5405.3.

Mr. Bennett also said to us and several supporters that if people do not move the signs 660 feet from the public right of way that they can be fined $10,000. So make sure that your sign is over 660 feet from the public right of way.

While I-5 is a Federal highway and this code applies to State highways, we know that Central Valley growers have signs on State highways as well as I-5.   

Last, here are better email addresses for contacting CalTrans officials.  (Public Affairs) (Operations and Maintenance)

Stay tuned the next few days for direct action opportunities against the Brown administration and CalTrans for unequal enforcement of the law.

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