Reserving the right to change his mind?

While researching the January 2011 CWC meeting, we turned up this juicy tidbit from Jerry Meral, who never misses a chance to tell a listener what the listener wants to hear. (This can make it hard to know what Meral himself actually thinks.)

During a presentation that day on the BDCP, then-commissioner Dave Cogdill asked about the science behind a 15,000 cfs conveyance. Karla Nemeth said that BDCP had tried to match the capacity of the existing State and federal water project system. Cogdill thought that wasn’t big enough for wet year management, sending water south for above ground storage and for recharge of aquifers.

Said Jerry Meral, “You’re absolutely right.”

In other words, Meral agreed with Cogdill in 2011 that a facility with a 15,000 cfs capacity was TOO SMALL.

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