It looks so well-intentioned

If you didn’t know anything about BDCP, you wouldn’t get the real story from the plan’s website.  The page “About the BDCP” will tell you that “The Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) is being prepared by a group of local water agencies, environmental and conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, and other interest groups.” What do they mean by “local”?  The South and Central Delta water agencies are not part of the BDCP working groups, and North Delta Water Agency, while in the process, has been virtually ignored at the table.

The main agencies behind this process don’t meet our definition of “local”: Westlands Water District, Kern County Water Agency, and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

More misrepresentations: “The BDCP is being developed in compliance with the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the California Natural Communities Conservation Planning Act (NCCPA). When complete, the BDCP will provide the basis for the issuance of endangered species permits for the operation of the state and federal water projects. The plan would be implemented over the next 50 years. The heart of the BDCP is a long-term conservation strategy that sets forth actions needed for a healthy Delta.”

Baloney.  Here’s why.

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