Gov. Brown’s Peripheral Tunnels Don’t Mesh with Science, PPIC Survey Finds Tunnels Worst of All Choices

Sacramento, CA – Opponents of Gov. Jerry Brown’s rush to build Peripheral Tunnels that would drain the Delta and doom salmon and other Pacific fisheries today noted new criticism of the proposed tunnels for ignoring science and better alternatives.

“Restore the Delta is encouraged that independent experts are coming to see the Peripheral Tunnels as a project that ignores science to fit the BDCP’s outcomes into a pre-existing decision to build the tunnels,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla.

Doug Obegi’s NRDC blog: State’s Refusal to Use Sound Science Continues to Delay the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

“While the water contractors and the State of California may want to blame the Feds for the delays in preparing the BDCP, it is the State’s (and the water contractors’) refusal to utilize sound science in the BDCP that continues to delay and bedevil this process. We’ve wasted years in this process – and lots of money – because the state and contractors refuse to incorporate sound science into BDCP.” (emphasis added)

Dr. Jeffrey Michaels’s April 30th Valley Economy blog

New PPIC Survey Makes A Strong Case for a No-Tunnel BDCP Alternative

The latest PPIC Delta report includes the results of an interesting survey of scientists and stakeholders on options to improve the Delta ecosystem.  ??Looking at the key table of findings (table 2, page 14), the tunnels are down in the bottom right of the PPIC table, low potential impact for fish, low scientific consensus, and high cost.  It is the worse possible outcome in this ranking (upper left quadrant is best, lower right is worst).  Nevertheless, the PPIC calls the BDCP “promising” even though it is completely focused on the lowest ranking, most controversial option, and unnecessarily ties many of the more valuable, less costly, and less controversial habitat measures into a package with the tunnels.

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