Corresponding with release of the first chapters of the BDCP administrative draft, the Department of Water Resources has released a video “describing the ecological and economic importance of the Delta and the basic elements of the BDCP.”  (The video is posted on DWR’s  spotlight archive. )

DWR put together this 10-minute video and managed to NEVER mention over-pumping and inadequate fresh water flows as a cause of declines in the population of fish.

We hear about the importance of a stable supply to the Silicon Valley and Westlands Water District.  The BDCP, says the video, is an “independent process.”  The plan COULD shift the primary diversion of water to just south of Sacramento – as if that were just one option rather than the primary objective of the plan.

It all sounds Oh, So Reasonable.  But there’s nothing independent about any of this, including the California Department of Water Resources, which is shilling once again for the state and federal water contractors.

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