Will the Stewardship Council ask the right questions about BDCP?

Isenberg has other questions about BDCP, including these:

1.  Is BDCP obligated to meet the coequal goals of state and federal law?   

2.  Will BDCP include assumptions about decreased reliance on Delta water for future uses?  

3.  What is the status of BDCP legal guarantees on levels of water export from the Delta?   

4.  How will the pending Delta Water Quality standards of the Water Resources Control Board be incorporated into BDCP?

(These are matters that we wonder about, too.  Can we expect the answers to influence the Stewardship Council’s incorporation of BDCP into the Delta Plan?  Isenberg isn’t saying.)

He also wonders whether all of the 29 water contractors are willing to sign a binding agreement to pay the cost of BDCP and associated mitigation.   “How much money will the state and the federal government legally pledge toward environmental improvements?  Is the federal or state funding available and able to be allocated, or is it just a hope to find funding in the future?”

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