Over Troubled Waters

Restore the Delta has received back from Hollywood its master copy of Over Troubled Waters and is preparing to announce its premiere screening. Details will be out shortly.

Film synopsis:

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the largest estuary on the west coast of the Americas, is a national treasure being squandered by greed. In this visually rich documentary, Ed Begley, Jr. narrates the story of the battle being fought by the people of the Delta to protect the region they love and to encourage saner water policies for the Golden State and all the people of California. Here you will see the powerful forces arrayed against the Delta and the history of promises broken by the government. Here you will see the habitat, fisheries, farming, and communities that are threatened by the mistaken ideas that drive California’s water policy today. And here you will see common-sense, affordable solutions that can lead to true water security for California in the 21st century.

Visit  www.OverTroubledWaters.org for more information.

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