A true hero

When Alex Hildebrand passed away in January, Restore the Delta heard from dozens of people who wanted to participate in the comments that we made about Alex’s life and work. While many of those comments were sincere and praised Alex’s fine accomplishments in ways that we did not, we resisted making further commentary because we wanted to respect Alex’s wishes and the wishes of his family, letting them decide how to honor and protect Alex’s legacy.

At the tribute last week for Alex Hildebrand, South Delta Water Agency’s General Manager, John Herrick, spoke from the heart about who Alex was and how the best way to honor Alex’s legacy is for us to live his example in our day-to-day work. As we move forward in our work to protect the Delta for future generations, we will work to convey the moral and ethical principles and practices that guided Alex’s work – as a way to talk about what is best for the Delta – his home.

Please click here to read John Herrick’s tribute speech for Alex.

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