Take action in opposing HR 1837

Dear Friends,
As you have probably heard by now, HR 1837 has passed the House of Representatives.  And while we know that both Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer are opposed to the bill, we have heard that Congressman Jeff Denham is trying to negotiate a compromise with Senator Feinstein.  
This bill would allow for full pumping of water exports at the Delta pumps, strip away water rights from Delta area landowners, and dismember the San Joaquin River Restoration Act – a component of Delta restoration.
We are, therefore, asking you to sign on by noon on Monday to our letter expressing our appreciation to the Senators for their continued opposition to this bill.  Within this letter we also reaffirm why we are against this legislation.
If you have already signed on to this draft, you do not need to resend your information. 
To join our sign on effort, please send your name, title, and organization/business name (if applicable) to Jessica@restorethedelta.org.  We will then add your name as a signature to the letter.
Thank you for your support in this vitally important effort.
Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla

Executive Director
Restore the Delta

Click here to read the sample letter being sent.


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