What Else DWR Doesn’t Want Us to Know

Staff from the Department of Water Resources conduct regular research assignments and write reports to assist officials with making water management decisions. At other times, these assignments are given to contractors to create the information that the Department of Water Resources needs to facilitate the planning of projects.

Restore the Delta finds two such reports generated for DWR officials rich in information on why Delta levees are vital to protecting state interests. The first report, prepared by CHM2Hill for DWR is entitled Delta Region Integrated Flood Management date July, 2011; click here to read. Be sure to read page 78 which lists the rationale behind DWR’s planning and preparation for a flood threat to the Delta. The second report is a draft from the FloodSafe project dated February, 2011. Click here to read. The first chapter of this document lays out quite nicely the importance of Delta levees in protecting state assets.

These reports in themselves may not be news. But what is striking is that the Department of Water Resources has apparently worked diligently to suppress these finding from being included in the Delta Plan. Restore the Delta has heard from several sources that as Delta Stewardship Council staff prepare the soon-to-be-released EIR for the Delta Plan, DWR has intentionally gone about preventing this information from being included in the EIR because it would undermine their arguments on why new conveyance is the “answer” for “fixing” the Delta via the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.

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