Proposal for recreation in the Delta

Dan Ray of the California Parks and Recreation Society presented the DSC with a proposal to build and advertise strategically-located hubs throughout the Delta, with information about navigation and recreation opportunities, coupled with increased signage, trails, and guides to increase visitation and recreation opportunities.  The organization noted that the Delta currently has more visitor days than all of California’s state parks combined.

Isenberg pointed out that increasing roads and infrastructure reduced the opportunity for restoration. Ray countered that uses could be compatible.

Isenberg pointed out the need for flood protection of infrastructure/visitor centers, and Ray countered by saying that design could be “flood-proof.”  A clearer definition of “infrastructure” was requested.

Councilmember Nottoli encouraged Ray’s organization to talk to FEMA.  He also questioned the need for private investment in facilities and cited operation and maintenance of existing parks in the Delta, adding that there would be a need for private structures for housing.  He noted the absence of “working landscapes” in the proposal.  Councilmember Nordoff suggested to Ray that facilities be constructed with maintenance in mind, and encouraged public/ private partnerships to fund development and ongoing costs.

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