Who’s in, who’s out

Here are the interests represented on the BDCP Management Committee:

Natural Resources Agency: Jerry Meral and Karla Nemeth

Department of Fish and Game: Scott Cantrell

Department of Water Resources: Mark Cowin, Dale Hoffman-Florke, and Cathy Crothers

Bureau of Reclamation: Ron Milligan, Sue Fry, and Federico Barajas

Westlands Water District: Jason Peltier

Hallmark Group (a capital program and construction management company): Chuck Gardner

State Water Contractors: Laura King Moon

Science Applications International Corp.: Paul Cylinder

Metropolitan Water District: Steve Arakawa

Ebbin Moser & Skaggs LLP (specializing in environmental law and natural resources law): Marc Ebbin

Kern County Water Agency: Brent Walthall

Santa Clara Valley Water District: Joan Maher

Environmental Defense Fund: Spreck Rosecrans

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Michael Chotkowski, Jennifer Norris, and Dan Castleberry

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Maria Rea and Michael Tucker

The Nature Conservancy: Anthony Saracino (who is also, incidentally, the chair of the California Water Commission)

Meetings are held bi-weekly and are open to the public.  The “public” includes all these interests that are NOT represented on the BDCP Management Committee

Delta Agriculture

Delta Recreation

Delta Reclamation Districts

Delta Water Agencies

The Delta Protection Commission

Delta Business Groups

Delta Marina Interests

Delta Fishing Groups

Coastal Fishing Groups

California Tribal Nations

California’s Environmental Justice Community

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