So what do Delta Counties do?

It is our understanding that representatives from the Five Delta Counties participated in this October 15th meeting in Tracy with Salazar and Hayes, either in person or on the phone. We have also heard that the Five Delta Counties have to decide if they as a group or individually want to participate in the BDCP discussions with the caveat that they cannot offer input and cannot vote.

Restore the Delta staff certainly understands that local government entities have a responsibility to interact with Federal and State officials in order to represent local communities. And in the case of these BDCP meetings, having the Five Delta Counties gathering information is better than having local government not knowing what is happening.

But, Restore the Delta strongly objects to a process directed by the BDCP Principals, in which officials from State and Federal government agencies can make the decisions on behalf of Delta fisheries, Delta resources, Delta communities, and Delta people without our input and consent.

We believe that this defiles what American democracy is all about.

This is not representative government.

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