Urgent Alert: Stop the $11 Billion Water Bond, Call your legislators today!

Dear Friends,

Call your legislator today: No on A.B. 1265! No water bond! We’ve just heard that the California Legislature is taking up a bill on Monday that would move Proposition 18, the $11 billion water bond, to the 2012 ballot. This is a huge mistake. The bond should be scrapped entirely, not postponed. Can you call your legislators today and ask them to vote NO on A.B. 1265? A vote for A.B. 1265 is a vote for the water bond, and we don’t want that!

We’ve done the research and found that the main beneficiaries of the bond would be developers, construction companies and corporate agribusinesses — the same interests that have overused and polluted our water in the past. The bond takes money from essential public services during a budget crisis and does not solve restore the Delta. We need new proposals that work for all Californians — not the same bad bond, two years later.

On Monday, our legislators will decide whether to postpone the bond to 2012. We need to tell them that they should scrap the bond and start over, not postpone it. It’s a terrible policy now and it will be terrible two years from now. Can you help today? Call your legislator today and tell them to vote NO on A.B. 1265 when it comes up for debate on Monday.Click Here for more information. Thanks for taking action,
Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla
Restore the Delta

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