Every dollar counts. Due to the talent of our team and our network of California water advocates like you, we know how to stretch our dollars for maximum impact.


Can you imagine what will happen to the future for our children and grandchildren whose economic and environmental well-being will be tied to a collapsed Bay-Delta estuary? Support our work by making a financial contribution.

Restore the Delta is a rare combination of good outreach and solid policy work. We are working every day through public education and citizen activism to ensure the restoration and future sustainability of the SF Bay-Delta estuary. Your general contribution will help us with litigation (a last resort if education and protest do not work!), sponsor outreach events, enable us to educate Californians on what makes the Delta so special, and assist us in building a coalition centered on sustainable water policies for the Delta and California that will be recognized by government officials as they make water management decisions.
Restore the Delta is a charitable 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax deductible. You can donate online using a SSL-secured online transaction! PayPal makes it easy and safe to contribute to Restore the Delta using a credit card or fund transfer.

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If all our supporters committed to one $10 donation per month (two Starbucks drinks!), we would have the resources needed to topple the Big Special Interests. Submitting a monthly donation works best on desktop browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. Issues have been reported for making donations via Internet Explorer. Monthly donations will expire after 12 months. Want to cancel your monthly giving? No worries, we can cancel for you, email [email protected] or you can cancel via PayPal.

Prefer to make a donation by phone or mail?To make a donation via phone, call 209-475-9550. To make a donation by mail, print and mail this form (form is optional) to 42 N. Sutter Street, Suite 506, Stockton, CA 95202. We are immensely grateful for your support and effort.