Action Alert: NO POISONED LANDS POLLUTION PERMIT. NO WESTLANDS CONTRACT. Stop selenium discharge into the Delta!


It is time to protect our drinking water, to retire California’s poisoned lands and to put the water back in our rivers. Join our organizing partner Save California Salmon and Restore the Delta on December 5, 2019 at 9 am at the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board to take action!

If you live in the Bay, the Delta, or along the San Joaquin River you might be exposed to selenium and other toxins from California’s poisoned, drainage impaired lands through consuming fish. Selenium can accumulate over time in water supplies.  A permit is at stake to allow for this contaminated discharge to continue. 

Click here to read a Restore the Delta and Stockton area coalition letter on the problems with selenium discharge for our local communities.  Attend on December 5th, and be ready to comment (3 minutes; 300 words max) on why pollution from agricultural discharge into the San Joaquin River must end.  

WHEN: December 5, 2019 — 9 am

WHERE: Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board
11020 Sun Center Drive, #200 — Rancho Cordova, CA 

Yours in Action,

Restore the Delta

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