Questions for State Water Contractors on the Delta Mega-Tunnel Proposal

For Immediate Release: 3/6/20

Tim Stroshane,
Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, 209-479-2053,

Stockton, CA – Restore the Delta sent letters on Thursday 3/5/20 to four state water contractors with questions about their participation in the Delta Conveyance Project. 

The questions are simple.

1.     With what water will future Delta tunnel and dams and reservoirs be able to operate?

2.     Will California’s key water agencies, yours among them, conduct thorough, factual, and honest outreach to all communities, especially environmental justice and disadvantaged communities in their service areas regarding the costs of proposed projects and water outcomes?

3.     With lengthy and costly construction logistics, have California’s key water agencies, yours among them, done the necessary “due diligence” studies to make fully informed decisions about a future Delta tunnel, dams, and reservoirs?

4.     Have these decisions been balanced with considerations for maintaining, retrofitting, repairing, and preserving existing water agencies’ infrastructure, especially any future repairs and changes needed at Oroville Dam? 
Read the full letters and background materials here:Metropolitan Water Distrct of Southern California,Santa Clara Valley Water DistrictKern County Water AgencyCentral Coast Water Authority

For more context on this issue, please see this recent blog by Doug Obegi of NRDC    

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