ACTION ALERT:  3 Ways You Can Tell Governor-Elect Newsom #NoTunnels

This past week was a doozy. While we received great news from the Delta Stewardship Council, Governor Brown is still relentlessly trying to push through his boondoggle legacy project. Speculation of potential backroom deals for the tunnels has popped up in news reporting and cryptic tweets. This is the real legacy that Brown is leaving behind, and we will make sure it is written into history.

Before Governor-Elect Newsom takes office, he is already at a crossroads. Will he continue in the shadow of Governor Brown, and carry out Brown’s tunnel vision? Or will he pave a path towards innovating and implementing sustainable water projects in communities across the state?

Right now there are 3 steps you can take to help us point Governor Newsom in the right direction before he begins his first term as Governor. Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Sign our petition, Steps for Governor-Elect Newsom to Modernize CA WaterLink to our petition: 

After you sign your name, please share on Facebook, Twitter, or via email with friends and family who care about the Bay-Delta. The more signatures, the better chance we have of showing Governor-Elect Newsom that the majority of Californians are against the tunnels project. 

2. Tweet #NoTunnels to Newsom using the hashtag #Advice4Gavin 

If you have a Twitter profile, compose a concise, polite tweet that expresses your opposition to the project and states that sustainable projects that are NOT the tunnels should be one of Newsom’s top priorities during his term.

Make sure you include the hashtag #Advice4Gavin. These tweets will be discussed by Sacramento Bee reporters and political leaders next Thursday (11/15) on California Nation.

3. Submit your comments to Governor-Elect Newsom and staff via All in California

Link to All in California:

This action item is pretty self-explanatory. Simply click the link and follow the instructions to submit your comment explaining why Newsom should ditch the tunnels project and create a sustainable, innovative future for California water.

We have 56 days until Newsom takes office. Let’s encourage him to exercise political courage and do the right thing.

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