Take Action

Join our grassroots coalition to Restore the Delta.

 We are a 100% grassroots campaign against Big Special Interests, which means we need all the people power we can get.
Here are 8 ways you can get involved:


1) Take Action now. Go to our action alerts.

2) Sign-up for e-mail alerts: Stay involved with the ongoing effort to save the Delta from massive water privatization. Get our action and media alerts. Sign up.

3) Shop: Californians need to be informed about Governor Brown’s tunnels plan and how it will impact the SF Bay-Delta, the “switchyard” of California water. Help us raise the profile of our #NoTunnels campaign by purchasing our bumper stickers, window signs, yard signs and more. Shop now.

4) Distribute our campaign materials: Help us spread the word by distributing our materials to Californians or to specific communities, events, businesses, organizations, etc. Request or print.

5) Volunteer or intern: We are in need of volunteers to help us with administrative work, tabling at events, and much more. Find out how.
6) Host a screening, fundraiser or related event: If you can organize an event that will attract at least 10 people are more, we are happy to provide you with the materials for a screening, flyer, etc, including a speaker if necessary. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to get started.
7) Donate: Every campaign needs financial resources. Due to the talent of our team and our network of California water advocates like you, we know how to stretch our dollars for maximum impact. Donate.
8) Do you enjoy photography? Donate your photos of the Delta: Our campaign is in need of a diverse variety of photos of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary. Go to our Flickr group pool to donate.

 Thank you for your support and dedication!


Save the SF Bay-Delta, Stop the Tunnels Campaign materials


Yard signs | Bumper Stickers | Over Troubled Waters Documentary |

Yard signs
Description: A water proof foam board, size about 2 ft length by 3 ft width. Will come with two metal stakes and two complimentary “Save the SF Bay-Delta, Stop the Tunnels” bumper stickers. Shipped via USPS with tracking.

Quantity, prices include shipping & packaging:

Bumper Stickers
Description: 11″ length x 2.5″ width, suitable for outdoor and indoor uses.

To receive a bumper sticker, make a donation of any amount. Make sure to put under “Add Special Instructions to Seller” the number of bumper stickers you want (if you would like more than 1 bumper sticker). To order more than 20 bumper stickers, please consider ordering a pack of bumper stickers, see the distribute section

Distribute Save the SF Bay-Delta, Stop the Tunnels Campaign materials

Please e-mail [email protected] for any request to distribute handouts for now.
Window signs:
Description: 12″ length by 18″ width, Cardstock material, same graphic/text as yard signs

Handouts: These are easy to print 8″ x 11″ handouts that summarizes all the necessary information to increase awareness and opposition against Governor Brown’s tunnels plan. The back part of the handout has our better solution to Brown’s tunnels plan. Click here to print out the handout for distribution. We also have more informative handouts at our FAQs & Research section. See below if you would like to have these shipped to you in glossy paper for distribution.

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